Overhead glazing UH50 usually are specially designed and developed to meet architectural requirements

In order to design a canopy properly the following specifications must be known:
– Address of building  – Mounting height meter above sea level
– Height of buildings  – Wind load  – Snow load  – Slope of the canopy
Based on these data the thickness of the glass, the number of supports / suspensions will be calculated

System of suspension and number of suspension points are depending on type,thickness and size of glass, as well as of relevant environnmental Conditions, such as snow. It must be determined case by case!

In aereas with high loads of wind and snow,alpine region for instance, these systems must correspond to high statical requirements. Often standard systems are as such not suitable for these conditions and thus must be adapted case by case. We are in a position to offer to You alternative systems taking alpine conditions into consideration and meeting the statical requirements.

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