The aluminium profile GG-1003 is designed for up-front erection and is approved in accordance with swiss rules and regulations.
This profile is of slim design with a height of 124mm only, to be applied in private and office areas. It is also be utilized to enhance the height of existing concrete balustrade.
The glasses are fastened by means  of a linear wedge-type clamping system, applying a dry glazing system, since no silicon or other sealants are used, erection work is independent of weather conditions.
Alignment of the glass edge is effected by means of upper and lower adjustment bolt. For this operation the glass remains in place.
Any exchange of a glass is easily secured by this clamping wedge-dry glazing system.

With a linear load of 0.8kN (Building category A, B, D - living and or office space and sales area) no handrail is required.
This system is statically certified in accordance with swiss law an regulations.

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